Alice et moi, next must-listen French electro pop

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Hey guys 🙂

Today I want to present here, Alice et moi, a parisian electro pop band!


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Alice et moi has been my favourite band for some years now. Alice’s soft singing voice, French sound, and the electric rhythm are so well-matched, and it’s comfortable.

Their MV is emotional and the cinematography is remarkablly beautiful, which always makes me feel like watching a movie.

Aaaaaand, On October 4, Their new MV, Filme Moi was released! Ta-da!

This time, I was able to interview Alice about Filme Moi and her band itself! (Applause!)

About what particularly do you sing in Filme Moi?

Filme Moi = Film me in English. The lyrics is about the will to be seen and filmed by someone you love, because you want the memories so hard.”

How do you get the inspiration of lyrics?

“I got the inspiration from the everyday life of a millenial, modern society and its modern complications.

My younger brothers are also my interest because they always have so much to say. And of course, Love!”

Alice et Moiさん(@aliceetmoii)がシェアした投稿

How about the inspiration of tune?

“I listen to a lot of music by other artists, to be sure what I want or not. Then I let the music come to me!”

Alice et Moiさん(@aliceetmoii)がシェアした投稿

Can you give me a message to those who listen to your songs for the first time?

“From a girl who try her best, this song is the result of so much work. Maybe this is imperfect, but everythig I say here is my truth and I want to make something pure and real.”

“You can dance, and also feel emotions to the songs. I love to play between sadness and happiness – It’s a bitter sweet feeling, something you feel when you grow old. And if you embrace that feeling, it can be a good thing… As it is a reminder that we are alive.”

Alice et Moiさん(@aliceetmoii)がシェアした投稿

I got to know Alice at the International Summer School in England at the age of fifteen. Like 4 years ago, she sent me her first MV and I was overwhelmed… since then I totally love her (and the band’s) work every time. Well there are no such artists that attract me every freaking time!

You can check their live performance information etc. on their SNS 🙂 Can’t wait to go see their gig someday!



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